Why to Snag a Room During New York’s Hotel Week

 We don’t know about you, but the post-holiday void has left us in need of a little diversion, so we’re just going to play along with all this Hotel Week business? However much it feels like a bootleg version of New York’s more established Restaurant Week. Here to bolster a select batch of NYC hotels through the dreaded January slow season, the nine-day promotion starts today.

And to help you get excited, here are a few tips on ways to get the best bang for your buck.

#1. By saving money on the room, you can relax (read: spend) a little more at the hotel restaurant. For example, Lexington Brass, the glazed brick-lined brasserie on the ground floor of Hyatt 48Lex, has made a point of luring guests with delicious comfort food items like buttermilk fried chicken, deviled eggs with caviar, and, of course, our favorite, the jelly-filled doughnut pancakes.

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