Meet Trump New York’s Chef Jean-Georges

Trump New York’s Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten learned to eat and cook according to the seasons since he was a young boy. On the farms of Alsace, he fell in love with food—fresh herbs and vegetables and the warmth of his local Franco-German flavors – he was bound to be a chef one day.  Since leaving Alsace, Jean-Georges has lived, trained, and cooked all over France, in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Boston, and New York. Now, the globally acclaimed chef is rooted in his Greenwich Village, New York Perry Street neighborhood and in the hills of Westchester County. With restaurants in Shanghai, Paris, French Polynesia, the Bahamas, Las Vegas and New York, Jean Georges is proud to uphold his highest standards at his flagship New York restaurant, Jean Georges, one of only five Three Michelin-Starred chefs in New York City. The James Beard award-winning chef is in a class of his own. The culinary master behind famous New York restaurants ABC Kitchen, Perry Street, Mercer Kitchen, Spice Market, JoJo and The Mark shares his talents at his original fine dining icon. Jean Georges is open for lunch weekdays, noon to 3 p.m., and dinner Monday through Friday, 5:30 to 11 p.m. Book your stay at Trump New York today and get a taste of Chef Jean-Georges’ exquisite cooking.

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