Get Acquainted with Andaz 5th Avenue

It’s time to come and experience Andaz 5th Avenue! Anyone who has ever arrived in New York from somewhere else – and stayed to become a New Yorker – can agree on one inexorable truth: there’s no place better to break out of your shell and express your personal style. Manhattan rewards reinvention; in fact, the only consistent ethos here is that you should be a little different. The critical component of the equation is returning to a place each evening where you can comfortably massage in – or shake off – the effects of the day however seems best in the moment: over witty conversation in the kitchen, shared plates with new friends at a welcoming communal table, or a glass of wine you carry up to your own loft-style apartment at our Midtown Manhattan hotel. It would be difficult to stamp New York with your personal style if you didn’t feel as if you belonged here. The Andaz experience begins the moment you arrive through the bronze-colored doors on 41st Street and are greeted by an Andaz Host. Have a drink in the lounge while checking in via handheld PC, or simply en-route to your room. Arrival is at your pace, your style. True to the Andaz brand, Andaz 5th Avenue offers uncomplicated and attentive service by real people who are passionate about New York City. We’re as fervent about New York’s farms as we are our tiny island city-kingdom: Menus in the shop,the bar downstairs and in-room dining are based on our relationships with local farmers and our search for what’s fresh and in-season. Maybe you aren’t from Midtown, but you should feel as if you are. Talk to the chefs at work in the open kitchen, position yourself virtually anywhere to take in an icon of the city or the quiet courtyard; your experience should be whatever it is that you want to create within a venue that is pure New York sophistication. Welcome to Andaz 5thAvenue. For more information, visit the Andaz 5th Avenue website.


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