In-Room Cocktail Experience at The James

Seeking an experience where you can call the shots? The James New York and The James Chicago takes the inspired mixed drinks of New York and Chicago’s nightlife scenes and brings them exclusively for guests. Every room at The James is now equipped with all the supplies needed to create bespoke cocktails, including a pint glass printed with recipes crafted specifically for In-Room Mixology.

The In-Room Cocktail Experience can be ordered as part of The James In-Room Dining menu and a perfectly proportioned set of liquors and ingredients will be delivered. Customization is what the experience is all about, and guests can choose whether they would like to prepare the drinks or watch and learn from an expert bartender for a private mixology lesson.
Guests can also refer to a provided book, “American Bar,” with recipes for over 200 contemporary cocktail recipes. For those who want to “mix outside the box,” the in-room bottles let guests bring their own imaginative cocktail creations to life. For more information, please visit The James New York website.

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