Culinary Independence at The Blakely

As much as we may enjoy ordering room service, going out to dinners and continental breakfasts, it becomes challenging to eat healthy, find your favorite foods, and stick to a regimented diet. That’s why we love Blakely New York’s full kitchenettes!

An artist in your own kitchen, you can easily attend to your own taste buds, special diet, or cravings. Luckily, there are grocery stores all around the area so you can stock your mini-fridge full of fresh foods and snacks to keep you satisfied while you stay in New York.

Even if you do love your own cooking, we are sure you’ll try a few of New York’s great restaurants! We know American portions are huge, but New York is an extra special case: ginormous proportions. Now you’ll have a place to stash leftovers to enjoy later!

If you aren’t a Michelin-Star chef  – or striving to be – and just want to make some popcorn, there are also microwaves in your room! Now you don’t even have to worry about waiting for room service to show up! For more information, please visit the Blakely New York website.

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