Re-Mix Your Thanksgiving ’12: Great Holiday Ideas that Break Tradition!

Looking for a way to change up the good old family traditions? Maybe you want to just get away from your crazy in-laws? Lets face it, Thanksgiving is full of family, food and jam packed airports.  As great as it is to keep those family traditions, sometimes it is just a lot of hassle for  a dinner don’t you think? We suggest you sit back and enjoy the city this thanksgiving. And here are a few ways to do so!

Pre-View the Macy’s Day Parade! 

The Macy’s day parade is a HUGE Thanksgiving Tradition! But how about we re-mix the waking up early part and totally skip the Co-Anchor banter. How about this year pre-view the parade selections the night before by walking around the baloons as they are blown up on the streets of New York City! We suggest that you have a few cocktails with friends and stroll downtown to see everything in person- minus the crazy tourists and huge crowds! A great hotel to staythat is close to Macy’s as well as the growing balloon collection is Blakely New York.  Nessled between 5th and Broadway this cozy hotel is known to few tourists and has an amazing staff that will treat you right on your travels. 

See the Show Like a VIP

If you HAVE to see the whole show in person, we suggest that you go for the VIP treatment! The Trump Hotel NY has a special that is up right now that offers an Executive One Bedroom City View Suite over Thanksgiving plus two front row tickets to view the Macy’s Day Parade march down Central Park West! What a deal! Right off of Central Park the Trumps location is perfect to enjoy  a stroll through the beautiful orange and red hues of  Central Park in the Fall. 

Re-think the Feast

We suggest that you take refuge away from the tourists for Thanksgiving dinner- possibly down in SOHO. Kitchen is a great gormet restaurant in The James SOHO.   It is a new take on the traditional american fare and is the perfect spot to complete your  thanksgiving remix of the same-old, same-old. David Burke’s inspired cooking will give you the comfort of a home cooked meal without a unexpected hints and spices that surprise the -just expecting turkey dinner- thanksgiving guest!

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