Get to Know The Chatwal

If there is a ‘heart’ of New York City The Chatwal may as well be located next to the aorta, it’s views extend over 44th and Times square, and is just a steps from the Theatre District. So although this is a luxurious purchase for your vacation stay, we can say from experience tourists save a lot of money in cab fare! And since Sandy Has wiped out a decent amount of cabs, there is no need for you to scramble for the ones remaining!

Other than the location this hotel has a bold, sleek look that is dominated by red upholstery and lighting. The effect has a macho personality with the suave that we can only imagine Brad Pitt would fit into very well.  And if in fact you do run across Mr. Pitt at the hotel it may just be in the The Lambs Club Bar and Restaurant that serves vintage drinks and the classic american cuisine.  Praised for the 5 star quality of their staff and  small boutique feel. Our only criticism is that the non- suite rooms are rather cramped, however The Chatwal Hotel has a bold personality that is clean, elegant and worth an extended stay.

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