Six NYC Hotels Have Formed a New Supergroup

A group of New York hotels form a new supergroup.  Read interesting article at

If Crosby, Stills and Nash taught us anything, it’s that the only thing better than a super group is a supergroup made up of our favorite artists: more talent; less records/tickets to buy. It’s much the same way in the hotel world, when a bunch of our favorite hotels club together to form a new brand: wider choice of properties; one loyalty program.

The newest hotel brand on our radar is a collection of six New York City hotels doing business under the umbrella of Triumph Hotels. The properties in question are The Iroquois, The Gershwin, Hotel Belleclaire, Hotel Chandler, The Cosmopolitan and The Washington Jefferson. While the brand has only just launched, the family-owned hospitality group, Triumph has owned these hotels for some time, as our Real Housewives-related investigation revealed a few years back.

With six hotels under their belt, Triumph now have 460,000 square feet and nearly 1,000 rooms in their portfolio. The brand has invested $50 million to renovate and refresh historic buildings over the last several years with strong design elements — as we’ve seen at the Hotel Belleclaire — and stepped up their food and beverage offerings — such as the new Juni restaurant at The Chandler.

A brand-wide loyalty scheme will be rolled out in the coming year but, in the meantime, Triumph are offering a Key to the City package, developed for guests to unlock the best of a distinctly New York experience in one of six Manhattan neighborhoods when they book a three night stay at any of the Triumph Hotels. Guests choose either a complimentary experience in one of the six neighborhoods ($100 value) or one-way car service between the hotel and the airport.

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