Flip.to Reinvents the Marketing Strategy for Strand Hotel NYC

When Jonathan Hansell, Hotel Manager, The Strand Hotel NYC, learned about Flip.to, he immediately saw the incredible power of social advocacy versus social media. It completely changed both the way the hotel looked at social marketing – and how they utilized their marketing budget.

“With Flip.to, we have a greater impact, while spending less money on more traditional marketing methods such as print ads or flyers – it’s a no brainer,” said Hansell. “Flip.to has led the social advocacy movement in the hospitality realm and we knew it would be successful at our property – and it has.

“The level of engagement with our guests on a social level has increased exponentially, leading to increased brand awareness and greater revenue that shows substantial ROI. Flip.to has written the book on social advocacy for hotels, and we are believers!” continued Hansell.

With Flip.to, right at the point of booking guests share with their connections worldwide about their upcoming trip to the Strand Hotel NYC, driving new visitors to receive a uniquely personalized hotel website experience, and leading them down the path to becoming future guests.

“The strength of social advocacy is that guests give hundreds, if not thousands of their connections a stamp of approval for the Strand Hotel,” said Debi Moses, Senior Director of Sales for Flip.to. “Guests become powerhouse members of the hotel’s marketing team, letting hotels rethink how to utilize their marketing budget more effectively.”

To find out more about how Flip.to can help create a significant, measurable impact for your hotel, please get in touch with Debi Moses at dmoses@flip.to or visit www.flip.to.

About Flip.to
Flip.to is a brand advocate platform for hotels that turns their guests into engaged advocates to boost brand awareness and earn new guests. Launched in 2010, Flip.to is a platform designed to reach travelers around the world in a natural, trusted way and have a significant, measurable impact on a hotel’s bottom line. Find out more at www.flip.to

About The Strand Hotel NYC
The Strand Hotel NYC is a boutique hotel that has become the focal point for all that surrounds it, from Times Square and the Theatre District to, more immediately, Bryant Park and the Fashion District. Head-turning first impressions include vintage Conde Nast glamour shots, designer digs and a rooftop lounge with an awe-inspiring view that is the envy of the neighborhood. Visit http://www.thestrandnyc.com/.

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